13 Good Titles For Compare And Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays can compare (which is discussing similarities) or contrast (which is comparing differences) anything you choose. Some good ways to approach this essay are to think about some of the things you would say about the topics before.

How to Approach Thinking About a Topic

  1. Compare your attitudes before and after an experience
  2. Compare your assumptions about something and then how these changed after an experience
  3. The difference between a good ______ and a bad ____________ (such as a good listener to a bad one).
  4. A good student versus a poor student
  5. Two places you’ve visited

Writing the Compare and Contrast Essay

When writing a compare/contrast essay, you want to make sure to include a clearly stated thesis statement. The thesis statement encapsulates, in one clear sentence, exactly what you want to say about a given topic.

Consider These Sample Thesis Statements

“When you consider what really makes a good listener compared to a bad one, it can actually help you to improve your own listening habits.”

Or, “I had thought that having a room mate would be a positive experience, but that was until my sophomore year of college, and my dorm mate __________ moved in.”

Creating a Great Title for a Compare and Contrast Essay

When contrasting two of anything, you will want to indicate, with your title, exactly what the essay will be about—and then really define this in your thesis statement.

Of course, you want to create a title that people will make people want to read it.

Here are 13 Great Titles for Some of the Topics above and Others

  1. I Thought Having a Room Mate Would Be a Good Experience – NOT!
  2. My Semester Learning What it Takes to Make a Good Student
  3. Comparing Great Bosses With Bad Bosses
  4. Tokyo Versus Indianapolis—Worlds Apart Indeed!
  5. Are You Listening Or Waiting to Talk: Contrasting Good to Bad Listeners
  6. I Thought Writing a Pathophysiology Paper Would Be Easy—WOW, Was I Wrong
  7. Contrasting Roller Blading to Roller Skating: Boy, Is There a Difference
  8. Contrasting Roller Skating to Ice Skating: And Ice Skating is Hard!
  9. I Had Assumed Staining Wood Furniture Would Be A Breeze—It is Not!
  10. How Water-Color Painting is Different from Oil Painting
  11. Visiting a Large Aquarium and Visiting a Museum
  12. Visiting Disney Land Compared to (Insert a Famous Theme Park You Know Well
  13. Visiting (a local small town close to you) compared to your capitol.