The Easiest Way To Write A Good Argumentative Essay On Bullying

The issue of bullying and the consequences it has on the minds, bodies, physiques of the victims of bullying, are myriad. Some victims even commit suicide.

There is no single, ultimate way to write any essay. But all essays do follow a specific structure—and that is what we will discuss first, the structure of the argumentative essay.

The Structure of the Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays differ from other types of essays, say informative or comparison/contrast, in one distinct way. Like persuasive essays, which the argumentative essay basically is, and call to action essays (also persuasive), the essay moves along a structure that moves to a refutation of the opposition’s most important objection and a “debunking” of that objection with a solid piece of evidence—or several, that makes it clear that you, not them, are in the right on this issue.

Argumentative essays always follow the same structure, whether they are the softer kind of persuasive essay, or the very vehement “call to action” papers, which move toward a demand that we all take action of one or several specific types. For example, “Here’s several options on actions we can take to combat the bullying problem in our schools.”

The structure of the basic argumentative essay follows:

  1. I. Introduction: Here you’ll want to discuss your specific topic on bullying-for example “The Current Situation with Cyber-Bullying” or “Bullying in Our Public Schools: Something Must Be Done Before We Lose More Young People to Suicide.”
  2. Each topic has a focus that will keep you from trying to tackle every form of bullying—which would make for a book, not an essay.

  3. II. A clearly stated thesis statement: And these typically are placed right at the end of the first paragraph, after your introductory sentences. A thesis statement on bullying might go something like “In America today, I believe the current actions our public schools are taking to combat bullying in schools are highly inadequate.”
  4. III. Body paragraphs: With these, you will need to provide clear evidence of your thesis from reliable sources from respected presses or websites.
  5. IV. Your Closing Paragraph—here you will step back and say something ultimate about the issue. One good way to write a concluding paragraph is to bring the topic into the very present moment, by discussing a recent case of bullying that you feel was handled inadequately and the consequences of it.

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