How To Avoid Mistakes In Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana?

A persuasive essay is a particularly tricky kind of paper to write. You must convince someone to agree with your point of view on a topic, in the case that would be legalizing marijuana. This kind of paper demands that you make a choice to be for or against the topic. You don’t have to believe necessarily in that position, but you must be able to argue it as if you do and that others should as well. In order to avoid common mistakes, you should adhere to the following suggestions.

How to Avoid Mistakes

  • Make your opinion clear
  • Double check all facts
  • Have a strong conclusion

Make Your Opinion Clear

As previously stated, you will have to pick a side of the argument. Once you have done so, you must make it clear that this is your point and stick to it. If you begin to say things like “on the other hand” then you are comparing and contrasting, which is a different kind of paper altogether. This is a common mistake that can cost you a lot.

Double Check All Facts

There are many different sources of information on this topic on the internet. When you present a fact in your work, you must be able to be sure it is true so double check it on multiple reliable sites. The same goes for any statics you may decide to use. They must be completely accurate. Not fact checking is a big mistake that could change the conclusions you make about the topic. If your conclusions aren’t solid than your whole essay is wrong!

Have a Strong Conclusion

When ending your paper, you must have a very strong conclusion. This is the last thing that the reader will hear and your last chance to change their mind on the topic. It also gives the paper a finality that makes it clear that you are done explaining your points to them. A weak conclusion can ruin all of the good work you did in the rest of the assignment.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is inevitable. It is learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others that will help you get better at it. If you follow all of this advice than you will be avoiding all of the biggest makes and therefore you will have a stronger essay to hand in and be graded on.