A Collection Of Essay Topics On Beowulf To Boost Your Enthusiasm

Beowulf is a heroic poem set in the eight century. It is studied at various grades and from different perspectives. There are different topics emanating from this poem for each grade. Here are some of the most amazing ideas to consider in your essay.

  1. What historic precedence informs the themes of patriarchy and male dominance in Beowulf?
  2. Has the element of warriors been overrated to the point of overtaking any other social perception?
  3. How is religion portrayed in the poem and how does it relate to other works that were produced in that era.
  4. What is the role of women or female heroes in the poem?
  5. What can be equated to the mead hall today as is captured in Beowulf?
  6. How well does the author develop characters in Beowulf and who is best developed?
  7. What was the possibility of Beowulf being elected had the society used democracy? If it was impossible to have him elected, who was the next best alternative?
  8. What stylistic device does the author use to tell use what bare mouth cannot tell?
  9. What does Grendel’s claw represent in the epic?
  10. Morality is a highlighted theme in the epic. Explain.
  11. There is a distinct comparison of good and evil in Beowulf. Explain.
  12. What aspects are behind the motivation for war in Beowulf?

It is not enough to have a good title for your essay on Beowulf. How do you ensure that you paper is captivating and strong enough to earn a good grade?

Read the Poem

Do not commence writing your paper before thoroughly reading and understanding the epic. You are likely to write heresies or opinions that are not captured in the poem. Read the epic several times to be familiar with the setting, language, characters, etc.

Read Related Materials

Other people have written on the poem. Read their works to get ideas that support your own. Identify what has been studied to avoid repetition.

Identify Something Captivating

Keep away from mundane topics. Identify an area that is captivating and interesting to read. It is this interest that will keep a reader glued to your paper.

Once you identify your topic, contact your teacher to help shape it. You might be focusing on an area that is beyond your scope. Other titles are too broad that an essay cannot effectively exhaust them. The teacher may also point at incredible books or materials to help you in your writing process.