Looking For An Example Of An Essay With A Reference List

When your class teacher or professor asks you to write an article, you start looking for the sources (or typing "write my dissertation" on the Internet). But have you ever thought that apart from writing the essay in a particular format, you need to mention the references in a particular format too?

Check out the format of an essay-

When you are looking for an excellent example, ensure that the sample follows following writing style –


  • Double spacing with 1 ½ inches margins on right, left, top and bottom. This place is used by the supervisor for writing comments.
  • Write on one side of the page only.
  • Number each page.
  • The first sheet should mention your name, course title and the department.
  • The title of the paper should be on the top of the page.
  • Word count: Accustom yourself with word count concisely. The information is provided for your knowledge. Word limit should not under or overshoot more than by 5%.
  • Quotations: When quotations are written, ensure if they are meaningful in the context.
  • Referencing: Also think if the sample that you are going through uses primary or the secondary sources and acknowledges it for references.
  • Documentation: Check if the examples you are referring abides by the rule of proper references. Its purpose is to reveal the clarity, consistency and the conciseness of the references used. Sometimes, the references are taken through books and sometimes through journals, articles, periodicals, etc.
  • Bibliography: If your essay arranges the author’s surname followed with the initials in an alphabetical order, it is good to go. Bibliography is always written at the end.
  • Also focus that the example does not reveal any grammatical or spelling errors.

Writing rules for citing references

APA Reference list:

  • Write the document title in sentence case. It means that only the first word and proper nouns will be written with a capital letter. These should be capitalized after a colon or a dash.
  • Furthermore the thesis title or the dissertation title should also be in title case. Every word of the name should be written in capital letter. However, the articles (a, an, the) and the prepositions (e.g. upon, on, to, in, of, between, amid, against etc) and the conjunctions (but, and, yet, or, so, along, for nor, neither, etc) and the infinitive to will always be written with small letters.
  • References should always be italicized.
  • Titles of poems and articles should be within inverted commas.
  • Ensure that the example you are referring has mentioned loads of periodicals with the year of publication.
  • Ensure that the example you are referring gives page number.