15 Ideas For A High School Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays are one of the most frequent writing tasks given in such classes as English, History and even Biology. They help students to develop critical thinking and attention to detail. Furthermore, some research has to be done in order to accomplish an assignment successfully. A teacher usually wants you to make connections between various ideas and sources, and to write a thorough analysis, rather than just a summary or description. When you start to recognize similarities and differences between two subjects, you gain a deeper insight into the essence and importance of both of them. Sometimes the topic is already given, but sometimes you have to come up with one by yourself.

Choosing an appropriate topic:

Making the right choice is a foundation of a good grade for a compare and contrast essay. First of all, you have to make sure that there are distinct logical differences and similarities between two things you are writing about. Fortunately, you can collect ideas in a school library or online. This is a part which requires cautiousness, as you have to remember about plagiarism. Still, these sources can be used as a food for thought and inspiration. Try to write about something you enjoy or something you already know well. Don't forget to make sure that the teacher approves your topic in order to avoid problems from the beginning. Here is the list of sample compare and contrast topics from various subjects in social and natural sciences:

  • Traditional school classes vs. online courses
  • Communism vs. capitalism
  • World War I vs. WWII
  • Gasoline vs. biofuel
  • East Asia vs. Central Asia
  • Artificial vs. Human intelligence
  • Christianity vs. Islam
  • Tragedy vs. Comedy Genres
  • High School vs. University
  • England vs. United States
  • Democrats vs. Republicans
  • Viruses vs. Bacteria
  • Particle Theory vs. String Theory in Physics
  • IOS vs. Android operating systems
  • Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King

When you start writing a paper, keep in mind that you need a well structured and concise thesis. Thesis gives your reader a clear perception of what point you are trying to make in your work. Brainstorm, research and start writing a well organized essay with a clear introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Usually there are two body paragraphs: one for similarities and another for differences. However, you may try different approach by separating information into logical pieces. For example: economic, political and cultural differences between two countries with one body paragraph for each aspect. Finally, proofread your work several times and ask an adult to check it once.