Crafting A Decent Cause And Effect Essay About Happiness

Cause and effect essay is a common type of paper that students write for Composition class. It deals with the causes and effects of some phenomenon in nature or society. This article outlines the steps for crafting a decent paper about happiness.

  • Decide on group of people to write about. Write about a group of people such as your local community or people who live in the same neighborhood. Most people are happy for a variety of reasons, and you may find that there are differences across geographic regions. Or, buy cause and effect essay about an individual experience of happiness.
  • Brainstorm what causes happiness and what are its effects. Start with the most obvious reasons for happiness like having basic necessary things. Then, think about the effects of happiness. If you are not sure about its causes and effects, look them up online or conduct a small survey to collect these details.
  • Write your thesis statement. In the thesis, distinguish between the causes and effects of happiness by utilizing phrases that signal what is the cause and what is the effect. The thesis on happiness can state that the causes of happiness are good relations with parents, spending time with friends, and going to church on Sundays. Include the outcomes of happiness in the thesis by saying that one effect of happiness is being helpful by volunteering in the community.
  • Support your thesis with some details. Separate your data into two groups. One group is in support of the causes of happiness, and another one concerns its effects. If a survey was used, refer to what others said. The data on happiness can be found in psychology and sociology journals and online databases.
  • Write a conclusion. The papers ends with a conclusion, where you need to summarize the causes and effects of happiness. If you found that one factor is more connected to happiness, say this in the conclusion.

If you follow these steps, you will write a decent cause and effect essay on happiness. Happiness is a hot topic, and many people want to know more about what causes happiness. Still, there is not always a direct pathway from the cause to being happy. Maybe a good relationship leads to happiness, but this may happen only when a person has material wealth. This limits the conclusions and is a good start point for future studies on happiness.