A Great Guide For Writing An Essay Introduction With A Thesis Statement

Writing a good introduction and thesis statement is the hardest part of writing an essay. If it is good, it is the beginning that makes the reader want more. If it is bad, then you paper just won’t be read at all. Simple as that! Persuasion is the key of writing an essay introduction with a thesis statement – you need to make your reader understand and appreciate your point of view. This persuasion follows a predictable pattern. Here are the simple steps how to make a good essay introduction with a thesis statement:

Step one - Understand the purpose of the introduction

Start by asking yourself what is the purpose of your essay. Understand the importance and content of the introduction paragraph and the thesis statement. Where do you want to lead you readers? Introduction with a thesis statement should give some general information, but also should lead into a specific point you want to make - the thesis statement.

Step two – Attract the reader, make them stay

There are many techniques you can use to capture the interest of you reader in the introduction. Start by telling a story, an anecdote, a quotation, and then point out why is it is relevant. You can also always start with a contrasting thought. Make a controversial and surprising statement. Making a reader wonder at the very beginning of your introduction is an easy way to keep their attention. You can always also start your essay with some random thoughts that lead you to the thesis statement. Remember, be creative.

Step three - Understand the purpose of a thesis statement

If you cannot tell yourself what is the point of the whole essay in few simple words, then you don’t really understand it yourself. Thesis statement is a summary in one sentence. You should be able to answer the question `what am I writing about` in one simple sentence. It should tell what is the focus of your paper, it offers the reader concise information about the whole essay. It is important to know your thesis statement when writing an essay introduction, so you can be honest with your readers and at the very beginning tell them what is the point of your research.

Step four – Edit. Edit. And then edit some more.

Changing and editing your introduction as you write is essential. Writing is constant movement. Even you might be surprised with the final outcome of you essay. So you need to make the changes with the introduction to your essay as you write. You must remember, your introduction and thesis statement have to match the overall message of your essay.