Basic Instructions For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay About Fashion

Compare and contrast essays are among the most written texts. Therefore, there is need for every writer to b well versed with the most elementary instructions that govern the correct formatting of such a text. Are you among those who have been encountering multiple problems when it comes to this type of writing? Do not worry. Simply adhere to the following

Identify the topic

As a matter of fact, you basically need to have knowledge of what title you want to write about. Therefore, when it comes to fashion, you must b certain of the specific things you want to compare and contrast. Your topic should not be too lengthy but rather brief enough to captivate the reader so that you attract a great score.

Take a position

In a compare and contrast essay writing, your introduction normally should have a thesis statement which is the central statement that the rest of the content focus on. Remember that your side must be good enough to allow you present your points exhaustively so that very reader gets satisfied. Do not choose a side that will present problems to you when it comes to the defense

Present strong points for your side

The side that you choose to defend should have stronger and more points, contrary to the other side. In order to accomplish this demand, you need to have mad a prior research by reading multiple books and also searching more information on the internet.

Defend the two sides separately

Apart from having multiple points for your side, you should remember that ach of the two sides should be defended in separately. That is, start by giving the similarities for each side and then conclude by giving the differences for the two sides.

Make a conclusion

The writer should avert from being too wordy as this is not acceptable. The points should be listed without being elaborated further. Another great point to keep in mind is that, the points should be outlined in a logical manner so that pertinence is maintained.

Proofreading the work

This is a very important thing to keep in mind. For instance, you have to finish writing the work a couple of minutes earlier so that you have ample time with you to do the revision. Read every sentence keenly while noting the mistakes don earlier. Correct the mistakes as you read through your work so that you have something worth submitting.